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Guayabera Ropa Vieja Flatbread

A twist on the national dish of Cuba - this Ropa Vieja made with dry, crisp Guayabera Pale Ale is arranged on flatbread with cheese and onion for a hearty meal packed with Guayabera-infused flavor.

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Wasatch Pumpkin Ale Skillet Pot Pie

The seasonal, slightly spiced flavor of our Pumpkin Ale adds a little something extra to this skillet pot pie. Grab a six-pack of Pumpkin Ale and invite some friends to mix and mingle over this savory, comforting dish.

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Maduro Arroz Con Pollo Recipe

Maduro brown ale adds depth to this tasty arroz con pollo recipe. Pick up a six pack of Maduro and feed the whole family with a nicely spiced dinner that’s all in one skillet for maximum flavor and minimum clean-up.

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