CANarchy Recipes

Three Weavers’ Seafarer Fire-Roasted Salsa

Crisp, lively Seafarer Kolsch boosts the flavors of grilled tomatoes and chiles in this fresh salsa.

Black Ale Raspberry Brownies

Perrin Black Ale boasts hints of semi-sweet chocolate and nuances of fresh coffee, making it the perfect foundation for this decadent brownie treat.

Can-O-Bliss Hazy IPA Pulled Pork Sliders

Add some haze to that braise when you use Can-O-Bliss Hazy IPA to make this spiced and braised pork shoulder. This recipe yields the ultimate pork sliders for your next backyard hang with friends.

Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde Tamale Pie

Add some Deep Ellum flavor to your tamale pie when you incorporate Dallas Blonde American Blonde Ale into this hearty, slightly spicy dish.