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Perrin Brewing Now Offering New Releases And Seasonal Favorites

April 15, 2020

Perrin Brewing Now Offering New Releases And Seasonal Favorites

April 15, 2020

Comstock Park, Mich. (April 15, 2020) The first quarter of 2020 has been one of Perrin’s most innovative periods ever. During this challenging time, the brewery is able to offer fresh beer to go through the Perrin Pub; and earlier this month, they were able to adjust their annual No Rules Day Event, a celebration of the sought-after No Rules Imperial Vietnamese Porter, to a one-day-only online ordering format, which saw great results. Through safe, socially distanced methods, Perrin is dedicated to providing their neighbors in the Comstock Park area and throughout the state of Michigan with innovative liquid craftsmanship. The brewery’s newly released brews and springtime offerings include the following:

Low Rise IPA (4% ABV, Year-Round): Low Rise IPA is boldly hop-forward and brightly aromatic thanks to a generous amount of piney Sultana hops and citrusy, tropical Citra hops. At only 100 calories and 2g carbs per 12 oz. serving, it’s the perfect fit for those seeking a low-calorie adult beverage with full flavor.

Lake Time Tea (5% ABV, Year-Round): Being on Lake Time means freedom from the clock. No agendas, schedules or deadlines – just the water, sun and sky. Made for enjoying after a run, hike, water-skiing or lounging on the beach, Lake Time is only 120 calories. Any time can be Lake Time with Perrin’s Lake Time Hard Iced Tea.

Grapefruit IPA (5% ABV, Seasonal Release): Grapefruit IPA returns for the season as juicy and citrusy as ever; now in a redesigned package. The new can features fresh, bright grapefruit slices on a modern matte white background. With aromas of citrus and tropical fruits, a delicate tartness and a sweet, malty backbone ending in a clean finish, Grapefruit IPA was the first IPA of its kind and remains Michigan’s summertime refresher.

Call Me Hazy – Juicy IPA (7.5% ABV, Rotating IPA Release, Call Me Hazy Series): Call Me Hazy – Juicy IPA is a juiced up IPA packed full of intense hops for a hazy, complex brew with a bright finish. The brew kicks off Perrin’s new rotating Call Me Hazy IPA series, which will allow Perrin’s brewers to explore the breadth and depth of hop flavor.

Northern Dream IPA (7% ABV, Limited Release, Side Hustle Series): Northern Dream is brewed with vast amounts of intense, flavorful and resinous hops. The hop-forward, dank, piney flavor evokes a dreamy walk through deep woods. No matter where you reside in Michigan, you’ll be transported Up North with every sip of Northern Dream IPA.

Pick up these beers and more at the Perrin Pub today, now serving packaged beer and delicious food to go. Click here to view the menu, then call the Pub at 616-551-1957 to order, pay and arrange a pickup time. The above brews are also available at fine craft beer sellers throughout the state of Michigan. Please direct questions to Lindsey VanDenBoom at lindsey@perrinbrewing.com.

About Perrin Brewing Company
Established in 2012, Perrin Brewing Company is a young and rapidly growing craft brewery based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Perrin is committed to crafting high-quality and consistent brews and has garnered a loyal local following and a strong reputation for its unique beers. The brewery has won numerous awards including “The World’s Top New Beer Release of 2015” by RateBeer for its No Rules Vietnamese Porter. Through the 2015 partnership with CANarchy, Perrin has experienced exponential growth among package offerings, out-of-state distribution and an increase to over 25,000 barrels of production.

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